Topmost Android Development Trends for Android Developers

Android development trends for Android developers

New mobile apps are being introduced every day. With an increase in the number of apps, there were new trends in Android app development. So, for all the Android app developers out there, we are here to make you aware of the emerging development trends in Android app development.

1- Chatbot Integration

Chatbot integration has been proved to be very helpful for apps that sell their product or service online. Chatbots are robots with artificial intelligence and can interact with customers via texts and help them with their queries. Due to the pandemic, everybody shifted to online shopping. The patron ground for online shopping has been boosted five times. To manage these customers, chatbots became more important to provide good customer service.

2- 5G Deployment

As technology is progressing, people want a fast internet experience. Many countries have switched to 5G, and many countries are about to switch to it. So, 5g deployment is the future of tech and is here to stay.

3- AR/VR for Better Customer Experience

Due to the pandemic, everything became online, so to enhance the customer experience, a virtual reality shopping experience was created. With this technology, there was considerable growth in sales, and this mechanism was well-liked by the customers. This trend is going to continue, so android app developers must pay attention to it.

4- Digital Payment Solutions

Everything has gone digital nowadays, and many apps offer digital payment solutions, such as Paytm, PayPal. People prefer cashless payments. That’s why these apps will increase in the near future.

5- M-Commerce App Development

Mobile commerce is used by food delivery apps, online clothing brands, and many more websites. Since the online world has become an important part of people’s lives due to the pandemic, more and more businesses are building their online presence through m-commerce.

6- Wearable Apps

Wearable apps are the ones that are present in smartwatches. These apps largely include health-based apps. Many people have smartwatches as it makes life easy and smarter. There is a growing need for wearable apps that can operate through smartwatches.

7- IoT App Deployment

IoT is called the internet of things, and every company is concerned about their safety and a mechanism through which they can track all the manufacturing and supply chain activities. The internet of things (IoT) allows you to do that. IoT deployment has largely become important for online businesses.

These trends are the future of android app development and are here to stay. All Android app developers should pay attention to these and make use of them for app development.

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