Etelligens has a prominent name in providing IoT development solution services. Our main aim is to build and develop IoT apps that create opportunities for more direct integrations between the computer-based system and the physical world, which results in efficiency, accuracy and economic benefits.

Internet of Things is a concept where everyday devices and objects are connected using the Internet. However, these devices and objects can be anything such as vehicles, smartphones, home appliances, wearable devices, and many others human as well as physical devices. IoT works as a bridge that enables physical devices to communicate with each other using Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, iBeacon, Zigbee Wireless, etc.

Advantages of IoT Development

Being a reputed and well-known IoT development Company in India, we offer various advantages as IoT application development services.

Improved Marketing Automation

By building an IoT developed applications, you can open the doors for improved marketing automation and also increase the return on investments.

Boosts the Productivity

With the help of IoT developed applications, we can easily boost productivity by calculating the most productive hours of their employees so that important meetings and tasks can be scheduled during those hours.

Lowers the Overall Operational Cost

IoT is an amazing technology using worldwide, which helps the organizations in carrying out the functionalities which improve their efficiency and also cost less of the system.

Optimized Use of Resources

IoT can help you ensure the efficient use of resources in your organization. In other words, this will help you to easily locate the assets and utilize the maintenance program.

Better Revenue Generations

The improvement in asset utilization, productivity and process efficiencies can be driven down the maintenance cost and generates better revenue.

Real-Time Effective Decision Making

The biggest advantage of opting IoT application services is that it helps the organization and its employers to make faster and smarter business decisions and reduce operational costs.

Increased Sales

Sales play a key role in the profitability of any business. IoT opens the door for new business opportunities and helps companies in increasing their sales opted from advanced models and services.

Improves the Customer Experience

With the ability to connect a maximum number of devices to the Internet, IoT allows a great customer experience. However, with IoT, businesses you will be  able to easily monitor, collect and analyse data from social media, video surveillance, internet, and mobile usage.

Personalized Offering

IoT boosts efficiency and productivity significantly in an organization through better resources and assets utilization. This results in a personalized offering.

IoT Development Services

IoT has much application, but here we cover only the top 4 IoT use cases.

  • Industrial IoT:

Industrial IoT is the most important buzz in the industrial sector and also termed as Industrial Internet of Things. It is used across several industries such as logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, energy/utilities, transportation, mining, and metals, etc. Just like in general, it helps in the optimization of operational efficiency, generating sales, maintenance, decision making and the more achieving goal of industrial transformation.

  • Smart Retail:

The potential of IoT in the retail sector is enormous. It allows retailers to connect with potential customers and enhance their in-store experience. However, connecting through Smartphones and using Beacon technology can help retailers serve better communication with their consumers. They can also improve store layout, track consumers path through a store and place premium products in high traffic areas.

  • Connected Buildings

Connected buildings leverage IoT technology connectivity, the cloud, and the sensor to monitor remotely and control the range of building systems from air conditioning to heating, security systems to lighting, etc. Similarly, we as the leading Connected buildings industry with IoT technology, provide services and solutions to the industry to easily connect, monetize and secure their building management systems and improve their comfort, efficiency, and sustainability, etc.

  • OTA Software

OTA software is one of the special Internet of things application software.  The industries have a lot going for it. OTA (Over-the-Air programming) refers to various methods of distributing new configuration setting or even we can say an updating encryption key to devices like set-top boxes, cell phones, 2-way radios or secure voice communication, etc. Organizations can drive their brand assurance or bring down post-sales service costs with this OTA software.

IoT App Development Services

  • IoT Support and Maintenance

Deliver high-end support and maintenance that enables our clients to operate this IoT technology seamlessly. We stay at pace with trending technologies and since years, our skilled resources have the best of support and maintenance proficiency.

  • IoT Architecture Development

With our expertise in visual and interactive, we manage each and every element right from UI/UX to Architecture Designing that helps our clients to seamlessly connect their device.

  • IoT Development Consultancy

Our support team ensures to understand and evaluate the pain or problem areas and its impact from tech, business, customer perspective and ensure Professional grade IoT Development Consultancy services.

  • IoT Testing

We assist in performance testing and data accuracy, and support in monitoring, data clean-up and ensures an appropriate application development solution with a flawless experience.

  • Connectivity With Wearable Devices

We as a custom IoT development company in India ensure tailor-made solutions for all types of wearable devices and connect with it.

  • IoT Application Development

Our IoT application development company experts always strive their best to develop a specific app for different devices that promise to reach your business goals and endure the business experience.

  • Voice-Enabled Technology Solutions

We are a one-stop IoT application development company that always strives their best to provide IoT app development along with Voice enabled Technology Solutions.

  • IoT Module Development

We not only provide IoT application development services company but also provide IoT Module Development to our esteemed customers.

  • IoT Gateway Development

We provide rigorously free IoT gateway development solutions that suits best to your business requirements.

  • Data Analysis

Our development IoT application development specialist performs the advanced level of data analytics to get the right solution. We deliver flexible strategies, blended with great security in order to manage diverse and new IoT devices.