A Touch With The Next Generation

Next Generation

As our devices are decreasing in size and increasing in speed, we are finding that the amount of computing speed (measured in operations per second) needed to train, artificial intelligence is actually increasing at a much faster rate.

The combination of AI and IoT is powerful in creating a personalized experience for users. Etelligens Technologies application development services collect large amounts of varied data from the customer in real-time.

Nine Intelligent App

  • Cortana
  • SwiftKey Keyboard
  • Elsa Speak
  • Socratic
  • Hound
  • IRIS
  • FaceApp
  • Youper
  • Flo

We introduce artificial intelligence, how mobile AI is progressing, and how marketers can use this cutting-edge technology through examples of real-world application development services.

Technologies That Can Be Used in A Mobile Application 

  • If your application is about customer service, for example, creating reports and market reviews, you need to use a natural language technology (Natural Language Generation).
  • One of the popular technologies used in interactive voice control systems and mobile applications is Speech Recognition Technology. 
  • If you plan to have a business application that has to be able to interact with people online, to contain feedback from the user, to use chat bots or voice managers, then you will be assisted by Virtual Agents. 
  • Suppose your application is corporate, and also used for forecasting and classification, you should implement Machine Learning platforms based on Machine Learning (ML). 
  • Biometrics is a technology that allows you to identify, measure and analyze human behavior and physical aspects of structure with images, sensory recognition, voice and gesture control.
  • Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing technology allows you to find the information you need in search engines, generate news, structure solid text. This technology is currently used for security and fraud detection systems.
  • Another interesting technology that allows the software to read emotions from the human face with the help of image processing or audio data is Emotion Recognition,  senses are captured through subtle speech signals and voice intonation. 
  •  You can successfully use Image Recognition technology based on the process of identifying and detecting an object/function in a digital image or a video.


If you are looking to stay updated and remain ahead of your competitors, and want to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning in your existing business application then you should approach Etelligens Technologies application development services.