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AWS – Amazon Web Services is a chain of cloud computing platform that is offered by Etelligens that makes, embedded computing resources for extensive, decentralized exploitation of services and offers a great deal of supple functions and scalability along with the better storage solutions.

Etelligens deals with the authority of AWS Cloud Computing to craft an exclusive offer that incorporates flexibility, scalability and potential of Amazon’s vigorous cloud platform.

AWS Consulting Services


We offer you the indispensable proficiency so that all you must do   recline and take benefit of our managed amazon web services at our top Amazon Web Services Company. Create the knob to AWS now with us (AWS Partner) and gain its soaring performance.

Etelligens offers a proper managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) for businesses functioning on the Amazon cloud services. We offer more cloud-based solutions to our clients. Cloud computing assists out businesses to eliminate the rate of technology, augment IT innovation, and speed up novel initiatives to market. Moving your business to the cloud needs a robust data infrastructure created by a partner that offers valuable functioning support.


Major Benefits

We are One-Stop Solution For Amazon Web Services.

24/7 AWS Performance tracking, maintenance and support

Managed OS updates & security patching

Firewall, VPN & DNS management

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon Managed Cloud Services

State-of-the-art visibility into your operation

Precise monitoring of applications

Timely updation of applications

Tools to analyze your AWS spending

Why Choose Amazon Cloud Services from Etelligens?


We offer a top-notch solution for all your cloud computing requirements, and our Amazon AWS developer-first comprehends the wants of your business and accordingly categorize you at the top of row services. To provide effective results for your business, our experts have excelled in this field.

Since the inception of our association, we have made valuable customers on various platforms. Our exceptional approach, state-of-the-art ideas, a huge level of commitment, results of a set time frame and the proper budget are always fit in your budget. Thus, if you are looking for Amazon Cloud Computing Services, then rent Etelligens AWS developer and obtain the best possible price for your money.

Why Us?

Ease of use

Exceptionally user-friendly and easy to access as well as you can rapidly and strongly host your applications on AWS cloud.


Allows you to choose the OS, language, platform, database, and other unique services you want.


Pay only for the computing authority and resources you utilize, without any up-front obligation.


Gain the benefit of a scalable, dependable, and safe international computing infrastructure.


Gain the benefit of a scalable, dependable, and safe international computing infrastructure.

Safety Measures

Uses end-to-end strategy to protect infrastructure with physical, operational, and software methods.

Get in Touch With Etelligens To Hire AWS Experts


We have brilliant AWS Experts and skilled designers in India who make the most creative designs and develops software, offer the most protected and efficient solutions for your business. They also tailor and combine several applications and other exceptional features for efficiencies and safety. We offer our technical know-how and other IT associated plus web services for the most economical prices at AWS Support Company in India.