Application Support

In today’s world, businesses are highly dependent on IT systems for day-to-day operations. All the business has started taking the support of computer software and hardware, in order to reduce their workload. However, just as a human is susceptible to make mistakes, Software and hardware make error too. Therefore, to ensures these business applications also run smoothly and error-free, every company has started using Application Support and Maintenance Services. These services ensure your business applications to operate and manage seamlessly, so as to provide a secure and high-performance platform.

Similarly, Etelligens has experience in offering customized, world-class, technically superior, cost-effective, 24×7, ITIL-compliant, SLA driven and Best Application Support Services. However, their experience and expertise range across different databases, languages, software, enterprise applications, and platforms. We enable our clients to increase ROI, reduce maintenance costs, maximize system uptime, derive better business outcome and focus more on realizing business goals. This results in better utilization of resources, increased work efficiency, greater stability and without any wastage of money, energy or time.

Our dedicated and experienced team of professionals are up-to-date with the latest technologies and uses a wide range of technologies to optimize application availability and performance with minimum downtime.

Our Application Support and Maintenance Services Include:

  • Pro-Active Monitoring
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Database Administration
  • Performance Modelling
  • Database and Operating System
  • Incident Response and Incident Resolution
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • System Administration
  • Build Management
  • Security Testing
  • Continuous Service
  • Configuration Management
  • Bug Analysis with Fixes and Support for Deployment
  • Ongoing Improvement


Etelligens is a one-stop solution for all your needs related to Application Support and Maintenance Services. We provide you reliable, affordable and after delivery maintenance application management services. We have Effective communication with our clients and have a continuous improvement process based on the valuable feedback of our clients. We are also strict adherence to IT professionals’ policies and provide you solutions as per accordance.

So, hurry up! get in touch with us today by calling or sending us a mail to know more about Best Application Support Services. We help you reduce the cost of application support and maintenance and bring your business according to it. There is also a low risk of downtime which results in greater optimization of operations and customer service levels.