MEAN Stack Development


MEAN is an acronym of open-source JavaScript frameworks- MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and NodeJS that are used for developing dynamic web applications. It is a free, and reliable framework that provides high quality, scalable, secure and feature-packed for web and app development. However, MEAN Stack Development Service is a perfect tool for FULL stack web development with front-end and back-end data processing.

MEAN Stack Components

1. MongoDB

 It is a NoSQL database JavaScript developed by Google that allows the developers to facilitate the extension of HTML vocabulary for the application.

2. Express.JS

This framework is used to frame web applications. This is light in weight, flexible and simpler interface that is used to deliver unmatched performance in web applications.

3. AngularJS

This is referred to as a client-side framework, which is used as s front-end web development that allows you to extend your HTML vocabulary application. This is readable, expressive and quick to develop the framework.

4. NodeJS

This is an open-source, cross-development platform which is used for building fast, robust, scalable and real-time web applications. This application is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine which has various JavaScript modules and a rich library.

Our MEAN Stack Development Services Include

Hire MEAN Stack Developers to Get An extensive Range of MEAN Stack Development Services
MEAN Stack API & Web Development

Etelligens is one of the fast-growing MEAN Stack Website Development Company, that helps their client in transforming their business website into more productive as well as an effective business. We have a team of skillful developers that can create websites along with apps to showcase your business.

MEAN Stack CMS Development

As a leading MEAN Stack software development service provider, we help global businesses in developing scalable & efficient apps with the help of web and mobile platforms.

Migrations & Porting to MEAN Stack

We help you to grow and exhibits your business by migrating or porting your current platform to MEAN stack development services. We are proficient with every module belonging to MEAN, and using that knowledge, we fulfill our client expectations.

Custom MEAN Stack Development

Our experienced custom MEAN stack developers can help you to customize your project using Mongo DB, Express, Angular & Node JS frameworks. You can hire our Custom MEAN Stack developers that help you fuel your business’ growth with our tailored made services for high-intensity results.

Ecommerce Development

We enable you to increase your business sales and revenue by building a robust and secure E-commerce website with the help of MEAN Stack. You can hire MEAN Stack developers to develop Ecommerce website and Development that perfectly suits your requirements and budget.

MEAN Stack Consulting

We have comprehensive expertise consultant that listens to your requirements first and then suggest the right solution as per your needs and budget. Our highly experienced consultant leverages their vast experience to craft secure, responsive and intuitive, applications and web pages for their clients.