What is done by a Web App Development Company?

web app development

You can spot a great number of web apps available when you start surfing on the internet. The web app development companies provide the required services to develop a web app. web app development is a process that allows the user to perform some functions with the help of a browser. Languages such as python, HTML are used to make a web application. Some examples of web apps are Google docs, airtable, and notion. In this article, we will be looking at the process of making a web application.

  • Defining the problem that will be solved

Thinking of what problem, you are going to cater to is crucial. Only when a problem statement is there, then only you will be able to find a possible solution. To build a web app, you need to think of a problem that users might be facing and require an address.

  • Workflow of the web application is planned

After you figure out the problem, then the planning of workflow is done. In this, the plan of action is decided, according to the solution. The software, the languages that will be used to build the app are all decided.

  • Building a prototype of the web application

In the next step, the workflow is modified to a wireframe. The wireframe acts as a tool for interacting with the outcome or the solution to the target user. So a prototype is built in the form of a user interface to test its feasibility.

  • Receive Validation

The wireframe reaches the target audience to get feedback. If the prototype is passed, then further steps are performed.

  • Choose your firepower

Different platforms and tools are available to build a web application. Choosing the right firepower for the app is essential according to what the app demands. E.g., Django with react is a good option.

  • Build your web application

An app’s building is divided into 3 phases: gathering the database, frontend, and backend. In the database, all the required data is entered and gathered. In the frontend, the prototype is built with the help of HTML, python, etc. The backend is a difficult one; it requires an HTTP endpoint to be added to the frontend.

  • Testing of the web application

In the next step, app testing is facilitated. The app testing has four components that are functionality, usability, security, and compatibility. The app should adhere to all these features.

  • Deploy and hosting the web application

In this step, the web application is run on the server. For this, a domain needs to be bought from a cloud hosting company.

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