Things That Need To Be Considered For Augmented Reality App Development

augmented reality app development

In terms of app development, augmented reality app development is standing out from the rest. Apps based on augmented reality are outshining the rest because they hint at reality in the virtual framework. AR app development is majorly used in the development of gaming apps. While making an app based on augmented reality, certain things need to be considered; in the article, we will discuss that.

Things that need to be kept in mind while devising an augmented reality app

1- Cost

Cost is something that matters in every project. In terms of AR app development, there are many free development kits available which you can use, but these may have limited features. For paid development kits, numerous pricing plans are set depending upon what the user wants. The free trial consists of a limited version that gives a demo to the user. If you are building a large app, then a commercial license needs to be bought, so you have to pay there also.

2- Platform

The most popular platforms for which apps are built are iOS and Android. First, decide the platforms for which you are devising the app, and then choose the toolkit accordingly. The toolkits which are compatible with mac and windows are small, but apps can be built using the universal toolkit.

3- Image Recognition

This is a very important feature that is a must-have for an AR app. The aim is that machine vision can be used to identify objects, places, and images. Use of artificial intelligence along with cameras shall be used for facilitating image recognition.

4- Tracking and 3D Recognition

This is a very precious feature in the world of augmented reality apps. Having a tracking feature helps to identify objects, places around you that give the user a better understanding of the environment. Through these large spaces like bus stations, restaurants can be identified. Presently, this is mainly used in e-commerce and games.

5- Unity Support

Unity is a powerful tool and is used to develop game engines. Its main utility lies in computer games, but it can also be used for building AR apps that have powerful effects.

6- Local Storage vs. Cloud Support

While making an AR app, the developer needs to decide that the data will be stored locally or in cloud storage. This decision depends on the amount of markers used. If more markers are being used, then data shall be cataloged in the cloud. If there are fewer markets, then data can be stored locally also.

These were the important factors or things that need to be looked upon while devising an app based on Augmented reality. Augmented reality app development may seem a complex thing to do, but when you get into it keeping the important things in mind, you will get well versed with it.

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