The Strengths of Node JS Development

Node JS Development

The world of app development and network development is quite flexible, new trends come and go, but certain frameworks play a major role in the smooth development of new frameworks. One of them is Node JS development, an open-source framework that gives a runtime environment for networking and server-side applications. Node JS development has been a highly beneficial framework for the developers and has many advantages; in this article, we will look at that.

1- Event-based Model and Fast Processing

If we draw a comparison between Node JS, java, and PHP, then processing data and other Node JS are the fastest. Node JS uses v8 engine, which was initially developed for chrome but now is used for Node JS development written in C++. With the help of asynchronous processing, a thread is created that allows requests without much processing, creating a nonblocking chain.

2- Flexible Technology About Microservices

Node JS development is an ideal choice for the microservices architecture since it is a very lightweight technology. The application logic can be broken down easily rather than dealing with one single file at the core. This step lays a good foundation for better growth and flexibility. Accordingly, more microservices can be added above the existing ones so that additional features can be integrated with the basic application functions.

3- Rich Ecosystem

It has a vibrant ecosystem. It has a software called NPM that gives access to more than 83,700 libraries, and more and more new ones get published every week. All the tools used in Node JS development are free, and it is an open-source platform. These are why this framework has been growing in popularity among developers ever since it was launched.

4- Strong Support from the Corporate

Node JS is used by a lot of companies worldwide, such as Uber, Zendesk, PayPal. Most big companies who have mobile applications prefer to use this framework to develop servers and networking applications.

5- Seamless Support in JSON

Ruby and PHP make use of JSON format for communication. Node JS major advantage is that it can do it without converting binary models by using JavaScript.

6- Robust Technology

Developers use the Node JS technology worldwide for backend development. It has the same benefits as there are in full-stack development. On the whole, there are many advantages to Node JS like reuse and code sharing, good efficiency, and ensures maximum developer productivity and many free tools.

Indeed, Node JS development is an amazing framework that makes the work of a developer easy. That’s why it is widely used for the development of servers and networking applications.

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