Practicing With Kotlin – Code Less Debug Less

Practicing With Kotlin

For a long time, we have used java as the primary language for android app development. But, saying that it is the best, or the most appropriate, the great choice might be incorrect.

In reality, Java is one of the oldest programming languages. With a history as vintage as 22 years, Developers have turned out to be well acquainted with the language. With the growing era, different JVM languages have commenced gaining the attention of builders, and it needs to be stated that Kotlin is at top most priority.

Etelligens Technologies understands, we need to change with change in the market demand. We are ready with our professional experts to serve the demand and let our exponential growing business reach to the next level.

 Lets Know More About Kotlin:

This open source language is based on java virtual device (JVM).  Kotlin is a mastermind of a programming crew lead with the aid of jet brains positioned in Saint Petersburg, Russia. As java was already a huge giant in android software development, the main goal for the new language was to overshadow the lagging factors in java. 

Kotlin provides solutions to a few issues confronted by java. Here are some features:

  • Less coding
  • Interoperability
  • Quick to learn
  • Made arrays invariant
  • No raw sorts
  • No checked exceptions
  • No-value adoption
  • High Security

Kotlin is believed to take android app development to a step forward. With its ease of gaining knowledge of, implication, and of-course, the glitch-fast security from exceptions, it’s far believed that Kotlin will quickly catch eyes and will replace our conventional programming language on a big scale.

This new programming language is taking over from java in phrases of android app development because of the modern peculiarities that give it a bonus over different programming languages. Developers are in full support with Kotlin to expand efficient apps with user-friendly interfaces. 

To Wrap It Up:

If you need to improve your productivity as a developer of android applications, strive out the Kotlin language. Kotlin, unlike every other language, has improved from many alpha and beta ranges to reach its final version i.e. Kotlin 1. 0 a reputable launch in the growing field.

Google has approved the use of the Kotlin language for the android app development. Stay tuned with us to know more about the latest growing technology.