A Mini-Guide on How to Get Your App Approved by the App Store

App Approved

So, you spending days creating your App, the idea you had in your mind has been translated into a user-friendly, functional end-product.

But, you’ve big worries, whether the App will be approved by the App store or not. What if your App gets rejected? All your efforts & money will go in vain, but don’t worry as here in this post, we put proven tips to get your App approved by the App Store. So, let’s check out:-

Strip Down Your App To Include only the Essentials

Yes, you are building a mega App with truckloads of features, but to get the approval, you are required to simplify the App, so that it is easy to use, rather than a complicated featured-enrich application. This allows Apple to testify your App quickly, and the more the essential functions, the better the odds of getting approved.

As a rule of thumb in development, don’t include functions or features that are extra. You can get rid of the features you learned early, though, to be a game-changer before the launch.


Regardless you are building a B2B or B2C application, you must run a lot of tests on your App for quality assurance. Do test yourself and by people who are not involved in the development process.

Apple has also had advanced technology to thoroughly each every of the App into consideration. Use your application day and day out before you launch it for your customers.

Typically, your hired iOS application development company will take care of the testing part, inquire about what technologies and tactics they implement for testing.

Detailed Descriptions

One of the most overlooked aspects when launching an application is the App description. This how the App review team will come to know about your App is all about.

A carefully-crafted, true, and accurate description must be provided for approval before you submit your App for approval.

In the end, if you adhere to these fundamental tips, your odds of approval will certainly increase.