Why is Minimum Viable Product Development Essential?

minimum viable product development

New products come and go, and some are successful while some fail. A major driver of success for a product can be doing the MVP development beforehand and showing it to the investors.

Before a product comes to life, it is always important to test its viability and scalability; this is what most startups or software companies planning to launch a product must go for. In the article, we will look at why developing a MVP is so important.

Importance of MVP


Building a minimum viable product (MVP) before the launch of your product is cost-effective. MVP is a short trailer of your product or service to show it to the investors. If you launch the product without a MVP, the chance is there; it may fail, but if you have a MVP and test its viability and show it to the investors, you can have insights already that it will be successful or not. Building a whole new product and seeing it fail may result in many losses, so it is better to test your product with a MVP; it will save you a lot of money.

Provides a decent indication about the market

Building a MVP first gives the investors and the founders a decent notion about the market. It answers questions like: is the commodity unraveling the difficulty that the product or service is striving to solve? Are the users accepting this product, and it is proving to be better than the competition or not? Will the product or service have the power to attract more users and generate profits? With a MVP, you get the answer to these questions, and with this, you can effectively predict if the product will be a success or not.

Helps in improvement by getting early feedback

A MVP is developed for the sole purpose of testing the viability and scalability of the product or service you are offering. The early adopters test the product, and that’s when you start getting feedback. Through feedback, we get a fair idea about the necessary improvements that the product needs. With the customers’ valuable feedback, you can evolve your product or service as per market needs.

Quick income and something to show the investors

When your MVP is launched, it gets a monetary response from the early adopters as well. You also get to know if the product is monetarily viable or not. It is a source of quick income which you can invest in your future endeavors. Also, having a MVP is good when you approach the investors for your product.

Nowadays, before any company plans to move ahead with the launch of a product, they prefer to go for MVP Development first. This is because it answers many questions about whether this product or service will work or not. That’s why developing a MVP is essential.

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