Why Choose Flutter App Development For Building Cross-Platform Apps?

Flutter cross platform-app development

In a world full of mobile apps, it takes a lot of hard work to develop an app, it may look easy on the outside, but it’s not. To develop an app, some frameworks and toolkits help to develop apps. Flutter is one of them. Flutter app development is an open-source framework that Google creates. Most companies who want to devise a mobile app prefer flutter app development since it is best for building cross-platform apps. So, we will dig in at what features make flutter different from further types of frameworks.

What makes flutter the best choice for building cross-platform apps?

1- Single Codebase

The useful feature about flutter is that it requires a single codebase that makes it compatible to use across all platforms like android, iOS. Companies and businesses looking to save their money, time, and effort should go for flutter app development as it will require less coding and can be accessible to a wide number of platforms.

2- Customizable Widgets

Platform-centric widgets are supported by flutter. There are two categories in the flutter widgets that are material design and Cupertino. These widgets help the developer’s design UI/UX, whose frameworks are somewhat similar to native. The widgets help to provide the users with the best app experience.

3- Fast Application Development

The development of a flutter app is faster since it requires a single codebase, the effort and time of a flutter developer is saved. It also helps the developer to do the testing of the app side by side.

4- Variety in Open Source Packages

There are numerous open-source packages available in a flutter that are free of cost. These packages initiate a faster development process. Some examples are Frideos_Flutter, YouTube_ player. This open-source platform is end to end, which means developers worldwide can enter their work across a wide variety of libraries. This facilitates variety and extensiveness.

5- A Great Learning Source

Flutter provides a vast number of opportunities and learning sources for beginners to learn. Since the platform includes all the developers’ work in libraries, the newbie can learn the UI style and take inspiration from them.

6- Gives an Incredible Developer Experience

IDE support is provided in flutter for visual studio code and android studio through plugins. The developers should have prior experience in Dart to use flutter. Dart language is easier to learn than Swift and JavaScript, and they are more demanding. Two compilation modes in Dart can be found which are just in time (JIT) and ahead of time. It can be categorized as a statistically typed language which is simple to learn.

Flutter app development is a revolutionary framework that is a developer’s favorite due to its amazing features. It is every developer’s first choice to use this framework for building cross-platform apps.

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