When Should A Business Look For Progressive Web App Development Services?

Progressive web App Development Services

Every flourishing business prefers to have a mobile app that provides easy access to services for their customers. To make that app progressive web app development services are needed. In simple terms, progressive web development merges the features of websites and app in one mobile application. It consists of features such as pop-up notifications, latest updates, tracker. Many businesses rely on PWA development to attract customers because of their sharp features.

Advantages of PWA Web App development that every business should look out for

It can be accessed from anywhere

HTML5 is used to access PWA. Since HTML5 itself has high-speed capabilities, it makes PWA easy to access. A stable internet connection is not even required for this purpose.

Direct Deployability

Most of the native apps are downloaded from the app store if they want to use that app. With this thing, many users lose interest in the app and may not download the app. With Progressive web app development, you don’t need to download the app manually, and it provides direct deployability that it will get loaded in your smartphone. Therefore, no manual download is needed.

Can be promoted with Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool to boost traffic on your website. Progressive web app development has made users’ lives easy by crawling through SEO’s easily. Progressive web apps have higher visibility ranks than other apps.

Updates are Easy

Traditional apps require approval from the app’s marketplace for updates. While in PWA’s, you can skip this step, thus eliminating the middleman. The latest versions of the app can be accessed with just one click in Progressive apps.

Safe and Secure

PWA’s is a safe option you will witness when we talk about security. It provides an amazing user-app experience by providing top-notch security protecting the data of its users.

How have businesses excelled with the use of PWA’s?

Many businesses have switched to progressive apps like Twitter, Starbucks, and AliExpress. These are some examples of businesses that became successful with the use of PWA’s. Twitter was only a normal mobile application in the back days, but Twitter thought to mix a website and mobile app’s features with its popularity. They launched an app called Twitter lite. Since its launch, this app has gained users’ attention and has been quite popular.

Starbucks used the same idea with the Progressive web app, in which they included features in which users can add items in their cart even when they are offline. They also added push notifications features.

The best thing about progressive web app development is that it adds a personal touch to your lifestyle because of its amazing features. When the business demands these features, it’s the right time to consult a progressive web app development company.

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