What Set of Qualities Does A Good React Native Developer Have?

React Native Developer

The want for mobile applications is ever increasing. When you open the app store or play store, you will see a new application every time. The person who works to develop an app is a react native developer. A react native developer makes use of the react-native technology created by Facebook to make mobile applications. For an app to be made, we all vouch to hire the best react native developer for the app. However, certain skills and qualifications need to be in there as a developer. In this article, we will look at what qualities are there in a good react native developer.

Soft Skills

1- Communication

A developer must be great at communication. He should explain the dynamics of app development properly to the client in layman’s language. He should also be able to convey his point to his colleagues effectively and efficiently.

2- Client Feedback

Taking client feedback is very important. The person should maintain the capacity to take effective criticism and make effective improvements. If there are negative reviews, then the person should not get demotivated. He should work even harder to achieve the goal.

3- Time Management

Punctuality is the most important quality that should be present in an app developer. Timely submission of the work shows dedication and commitment towards the work. A good impression is created on the client through this quality.

4- Problem-Solving Ability and Creative Thinking

This is an essential skill that every React Native developer should have. While making an app, there will be many unexpected problems that will come on the way. So, the role of problem-solving comes here the person should be able to assess the situation and provide a viable solution effectively. Creativity should also be there experimenting with new things. Taking risks is very important.

5- Adaptability and Effort

This includes being able to adapt in a new environment and adjust quickly to a new scenario. Also, the app developer should make persistent efforts to give his best shot. The person should be curious to know new things and always make an effort to gather knowledge in his area of expertise as much as he can.

Technical Skills

If we talk about technical skills, the react native developers should know the basics of virtual DOM, JavaScript, and other programming languages. He should have prior knowledge about the redux library or MobX. He should be well versed with debugging a mobile application, should have experience in working with large applications so that he is quick in understanding a huge codebase.

The next time you want a mobile app to be made, choose a react native developer or React JS developer; look for these qualities and qualifications. At Etelligens, we provide the best react native developers to make your dream app. We are famous for our great commitment towards our work and sheer dedication. Go through our website for more information.