Vue JS Development – The New International Sensation

Vue JS

There have been many frameworks and development tools in the market, but one development tool stands out from the rest: Vue JS development. Basically, Vue JS development is an open-source framework that works on JavaScript lines, and it is a powerful framework for building powerful single-page web apps. This open-source framework has a lot to offer. That’s why it has become the ‘talk of the town’ and an international sensation such that it is every developer’s first preference. In the article, we will look at why Vue JS development has become an international sensation.

What makes Vue JS development unique?

1- Virtual DOM

DOM (document object model) is used to showcase HTML pages. The objects get saved in a virtual three-tier store, with all the context and selected styles. When a user surfs through the web page, the object changes, so this framework makes the web pages look more attractive and innovative.

2- Tiny size

Vue JS is the most loved framework for developers because of its tiny size. When you download it in the ZIP format, the size weighs only 18kb which is a featherweight. Not only this, but this framework helps in devising a better user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO).

3- Data binding

Vue has inherited the data binding feature from Angular. Data binding always works in a two-way connection that happens between UI and model data updates. Bound components consist of data that can be updated timely. With the two-way data binding, regular tracking of updates can be done.

4- An ecosystem with solid tools

Since this framework has been launched, there have been constant updates and the introduction of new tools. Vue recently launched the Vue CLI 3 that supports typescript and babel. The new update has features like end-to-end testing, debugging, state manager, and server renderer.

5- Flexibility and integration capabilities

A good framework is characterized by its ability to integrate with other frameworks. The great feature about Vue is that it purely works on the lines of JavaScript.  Templates can be written in Vue with the use of JavaScript syntax extension, HTML, or JS. Vue is quite flexible, and it can be used in any project. It is basically a mix of both react and angular frameworks.

6- Simple and easy

Vue JS framework is very simple to learn. A beginner can also use this framework. It requires no prior knowledge of frameworks like JSX, typescript, or libraries. The only factor anticipated is to know about CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. There are code editors like an atom, visual studio, which supports Vue that makes learning the framework easier.

Vue JS development is surely an amazing framework allowing the developers to experiment, and also, it is simple to learn. That’s why it has grown in popularity among developers.

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