Top 3 Tools For Android Development in 2020

Android Development Tools

You might be aware of the fact that Android OS has been` principally designed for smartphones, notebook tablets, etc. 

You should know that the Android OS was developed by Android Inc. In 2005, Google purchased Android OS. Also, it is worth mentioning here that Android has a whopping 42% market share. One of the most amazing things or perks of Android App development is that it is open-source. 

So, the best part about Android app development is that all the tools for development are absolutely free. With that taken into account, through this article, we will list out the top 3 tools for android app development. Without any delay, let’s dive into much more in-depth details.

1- Android SDK

Android SDK stands for ‘Software Development.’ It comes with various API libraries and unique tools for app development. Android SDK helps developers in creating, testing, and debugging.

If you are a novice in Android Development, then you may like to download the ADT module. ADT module is specifically beneficial for beginners. Top Android App development companies also use Android SDK for faster and efficient app development. 

2- Native Development Kit

Now, NDK or Native Development Kit is yet another free tool for android development.

It supports native programming languages such as C or C++. So, whether to use NDK or not entirely depends on what type of app you want to develop. If you wish to the code libraries used for app development. 

3- Titanium Mobile SDK 

This is another excellent free android development tool that is used by many Android Application Development Services. It helps community developers in android applications ranging from native apps, web apps to amazing hybrid mobile apps. For great user experience, Titanium Mobile SDK is widely used by developers. 

So, these were the top 3 tools used popularly; you can start using one of them today and start creating awesome apps.