Key Trends in Software Development

Software Development

Trends are ever-evolving; every field has its trends that come and go while some stay. Similarly, in this new emerging technology world, new trends are coming up for the future to enhance software development. These trends are going to be in high demand soon. If we get to the basics of software development, the basics include various computer science activities used for creating, deploying, editing, and updating activities on the internet. In the article, we will be discussing the recent key and emerging trends in software development.

1- Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence accounts for inputting human-like intelligence in machines and software. Many companies incorporate features in their support section where with the use of artificial intelligence, the robot addresses the customers’ grievances. Technology like artificial intelligence doesn’t require a human workforce and has made life easy. Many businesses are keen on having software with artificial intelligence with the latest technology.

2- Cross Platform Tools

Earlier developers had to make apps compatible with one device and make it for another platform, and they had to devise another version for the same. With the introduction of cross-platform tools with the help of flutter offered by Google and Microsoft Xamarin, the apps can be written for every cross-platform apps and desktop. This technology has proved advantageous as with the help of an application programming interface (APIs), user interface performance is not sacrificed natively.

3- Blockchain

Blockchain is the future of software development. The main advantage of blockchain is that it has a decentralized structure so that any record can be stored for the public database. No hacker can alter these files or corrupt them. Research and testing are going on how to make blockchain more feasible.

4- Continuous Deployment and Delivery

Continuous deployment and delivery include working on updates and bug fixes for apps. Earlier, users had to manually download apps, update them but with the help of these updates become automated. With the help of these tools, the software is produced in shorter cycles for feature development.

5- Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps help to incorporate app-like features in website browsers. With revolutionizing technology, users demanded websites to be made comprehensive that offers mobile applications features; that’s where Progressive web apps came into the picture. Google and Adobe are examples who have devised Progressive web apps.

6- Low Code Development

As the name suggests, low code development makes coding real easy. This has been the first choice for many businesses as it requires minimal coding. It can visualize applications by the drag and drop interface.

In the end, every online company and many businesses would need software development services. These key trends are here to stay and will be playing a significant part shortly. Each of these trends is very useful and gives the best user experience.

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