How Can A Free Smartphone App Make Money?

Smartphone App Make Money

Once your App is developed, you’ve spent big money, now the next biggest dilemma before making the App available on Google Play Store or Apple Store

Are you going to charge your customers for every download? Or let everybody install it for FREE. One of the most common reasons businesses consider making their App paid is that they are unaware of any other ways to monetize their user application. However, there are several different ways to make money from your developed App. Free Apps, too, can make money. After investing in application development services, next is making money; let’s find out:-


One of the best ways to monetize your user App is via advertising. As of now, seven out of every ten smartphone applications have embedded commercials generating a good amount of money per click, display, or impression. There are various smartphone Ads; these include the native, banner, interstitial, in-stream video, and rewarded video. This is a popular income stream.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is in connection with the previously mentioned method way to monetize your App. Informal content of the affiliate business has to be placed in the App, and based on the number of clicks & installs; you’re going to generate a fair amount of rewards. The following ways of referral are: 

  • In-App Advertisement
  • Promoting Another App
  • Advertising Products/Services

Subscription Model

You can monetize your App with a subscription model with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription panels. This model is widely used by audio & video and cloud Apps, such as Spotify and Google Drive. The users can access certain content if they have paid for it.

Final Thoughts

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