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Hire Software Developers

Etelligens is a trusted app development company that partners with multiple businesses to bring a technological change in their operations. Whether it is Android development, iOS app development, or React Native app development, Etelligens have been a top name for the last eight years.

With an expanding team of developers and testers, Etelligens has served more than 200 clients. In addition, many startups hire dedicated developers from Etelligens to add perfection to their in-house projects. Let us know all about this association with Etelligens!

Hire Software Developers in Different Domains

Etelligens offer a variety of software development services which include:

Android Developers

Hire professional Android developers to deliver the best user experience in your projects. Etelligens offer a range of certified Android developers, and hence businesses can select the candidate based on their needs.

iOS App Developers

It is possible to accelerate the growth of iOS app development with professional iOS app developers from Etelligens. The high-end precision offered by a dedicated team of iOS app developers ensures on-time project deliveries.

React Native App Developers

React Native app development is no more a fuss with the skilled professional developers from Etelligens. So grab the opportunity to hire top skills in react native app development with Etelligens.

Why Hire Developers in India?

Some of the main reasons that businesses hire developers in India are:

  • Compatible with time zones: Developers from India are flexible in working in different time zones. Hence, other companies hire these developers irrespective of their current location.
  • Global quality standards: Developers from India offer professional development services while adhering to international standards like Six Sigma, OOPS, TQM, ISO 9000, CMM, etc.
  • Best-in-class project management: Indian developers are skilled in dedicated tools like Zoho, GitLab, and Jira. Hence, they can effectively handle best-in-class project management.
  • Supportive government policies: Indian government offers friendly and supportive policies for accommodating overseas clients.
  • Affordable deployment: The developers from India reduce the overall development costs to 50%.
  • Skilled developers: Indian developers have excellent skills in advanced technologies like Java, Python, Android, iOS, etc.

How to Hire Developers in India?

Are you worried about the lengthy onboarding processes while hiring developers? It is easy and quick to hire developers in India from Etelligens:

  • First, send the detailed project requirements to the team.
  • Then, start selecting suitable candidates using the screening process.
  • Next, begin taking the interview of the selected candidates to match the ones for your project needs.
  • Finally, you can start the project on-boarding and assign the developers tasks according to their skills and expertise.

So Why Hire Dedicated Developers from Etelligens?

Etelligens is the first choice to hire software developersdue to the following reasons:

  • Self-learning: Etelligens allocates dedicated self-learning hours to the developers to keep them updated on the required skills.
  • Certified developers: All the Etelligens developers are certified in recent technologies. Hence, no hassles in hiring them.
  • Customer-centric services: Etelligens offer 100% customer satisfaction with tailor-made solutions for different project needs.
  • Global services: Etelligens offer app development services to multiple regions like the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Europe, the US, etc.
  • Transparency: Etelligens offers 100% transparent operations with complete project management.
  • Best development practices: Etelligens offers testing technologies, agile methodologies, etc., offering dedicated developers to global clients.

Wrapping Up

Are you looking to hire a software developer for your next development project? Get in touch with Etelligens for dedicated Android developers, React Native app developers, and iOS app developers. It is easy to get in touch with skilled and experienced developers for your dedicated app development at affordable pricing. In addition, the dedicated customer support, adherence to quality standards, and timely completion of projects ensure no missed deadlines.


1. Why hire developers in India?

It is easy for businesses to hire developers in Indiaas it can reduce development costs by 50%, offer diverse skills, flexible working hours, etc. Further, India is the second-largest country to speak English; developers from India are trained for global standards and offer around-the-clock customer support.

2. Where to hire dedicated Android developers in India?

Etelligens is the desired place to hire software developersin India for Android developers, iOS developers, and React Native app developers. The skilled and professional developers charge to deliver different projects on time.

3. What if the developer leaves in between the project?

Etelligens have a dedicated team of full-time developers. Hence, there are no events when the developer leaves between the project. However, in emergency cases, the new developers can take the project from the last point as handover.

4. What industry domains do Etelligens serve?

Etelligens have served multiple businesses globally. The main clientele list of the company is from media, retail, finance, e-commerce, banking, marketing, manufacturing, etc.

5. Is it possible to speak directly to the developers hired from Etelligens?

Yes, Etelligens believes in smooth communication and offers direct interaction between the developers and the clients. Hence, clients can speak directly to the developers when needed.