Features and The Challenges Faced in React Native App Development

React native app development Features

React native app development has surely made its mark in the app development world. This framework is used widely for making native apps. It was introduced on the lines of JavaScript. It lets you make apps with a single code base for platforms like iOS and Android. This framework includes a wide array of features that’s why it is every developer’s first choice to make an app using react-native. There are many challenges with react native app development that come along with its features. In this article, we will delve into that.

Features of React Native App Development Along With Its Challenges

1- Code Reuse

React native uses a single code for all mobile platforms. The challenge with this feature is that the same code can’t be used for desktop apps. The code requires to be rewritten in that case. This framework is entirely used for mobile apps. For web apps, the required framework is React JS, using the document object model (DOM) to make web apps. The UI and UX are different for web apps and mobile apps, so if you are using react-native to devise the app that works across all platforms, you may need to rewrite the code.

2- Stability and Performance

In terms of performance and stability, react-native performs very well, but many developers face that react native is still in its beta version. It sometimes faces compatibility issues with some devices. Some people also face difficulties in animations, but there is a solution to use the native driver.

3- Custom Views and UI

For custom views and UI, React JS is used in react native app development. React JS don’t consist of sufficient options and alternatives for building react native apps, but community plugins can counter this. Expo is one platform that can be used, consisting of various UI and community plugins. Using expo is the best choice as it helps to give unique customization. It is employed to formulate MVPs and for prototyping.

4- Developer Expertise

React native app development is quite complex. It is said that the developer should know JavaScript only to build a react native app, but it is not true. Along with JavaScript, the developer should have deep knowledge about how to use community plugins for UI. This is because it is based on native components which require plug-in optimization.

Nothing is perfect. There will always be either myths or challenges surrounding them. React native app development may seem to be the perfect framework for devising mobile apps, but every developer should always be aware of its shortcomings. There is a solution for everything, so to counter these challenges, there are viable solutions too.

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