Difference Between Mean Stack Developer and Full Stack Developer

Full & Mean Stack Developer

When it comes to website building and app development, there are a lot of developers that work for website development. A lot of people sometimes get muddled between a mean stack developer and a full stack developer. If you are looking for your website’s development, you should be aware about what distinction exists between the two and their roles? So, in this article, let’s dig into the differences.

Mean Stack vs Full Stack Difference

1- Meaning

A full-stack developer can al.so be termed as an engineer who may work at either the backend or the front end in order to build a website. Whereas when we talk about a mean stack developer who has specialization in certain types of technology like Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS, etc. The mean stack developer uses these technologies to provide the full stack developer to work for website building. So, in other words, mean stack is a part of full-stack development.

2- Skills Needed

To become a mean stack developer, you need to polish yourself in skills that consist of the JavaScript framework such as angular, react, and amber. The full stack developer uses these things to make a website. The skill set required to become a full stack developer is that the person should be well-versed with HTML, CSS, Python, PHP.

3- Responsibility and Role

If we talk about what a full stack developer is supposed to do, then their role in an organization is vast and multi-faceted. A full-stack developer does the frontend and backend building or development of a website. He prepares the user interface, partners with graphic designers for web designing, and ensures cross-platform optimization in mobile apps.

A mean stack developer’s responsibility includes testing powerful products for better scalability and usability, maintaining large and complicated databases that can be relational or inter-relational. The work also includes management of Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS.

4- Salary

On an average the salary of a mean stack developer in the USA is around 70,000 dollars. The salary for a newbie may start from 50,000 dollars. The maximum salary earned can be 100,000 dollars.

Whereas the mean salary of a full stack developer in the USA is approximately 83,000 dollars. For a newbie, the salary starts from 58,000 dollars, and the maximum which can be earned from this profession is 117,000 dollars. A full stack developer earns more than a mean stack developer because of varying complexity in work.

There is a substantial sum of variation between a full stack developer and a mean stack developer. After knowing about what sets these two apart, that is their key differences, you will gain better insight into their work.

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