Concepts That Every Java Developer Should Be Aware of

Java Developer

JavaScript is considered the number one programming language in the world. Java developers use JavaScript and many more Java-based programming languages to make websites and mobile applications. Java developers must be aware of the current fads in their expertise. Therefore, we are here to tell you the skills or concepts you should learn to boost your career for all the aspiring java developers out there.

1- DevOps

DevOps has become popular overtime for Java developers, and it has gained considerable traction. DevOps helps in the endless deployment and integration of the software. This is made for a java developer who loves to work in automation, manage the web environment, and decide the overall structure.

2- Git

Many companies are making use of GIT and GitHub for their software increasingly. It helps in keeping a continuous track of the source code’s history. The GitHub software has proved to help manage the cloud storage for GIT repositories. A java developer must have prior knowledge about GIT and GitHub as it helps manage the code source.

3- Java 9-15

Earlier developers used java 8 and 7, but they became outdated and needed new technology changes. The new Java 9-15 came with amazing features that have become essential learnings for a java developer. The new update includes improvements in the application programming interface (API), JShell, jigsaw, and reactive streaming.

4- Spring Framework 5

Spring Framework 5 came after 4 years after spring framework 4 was launched back in 2013. After its new updates and new features, this acts as a helpful tool for java developers. The spring framework can be further broken down into core container updates, core framework revision, library support, and discontinued support.

5- Unit testing

Unit testing is a powerful tool that will help you in making a professional java developer. By learning this, your coding skills will also be improved side by side. The unit testing further consists of applications like power mock and Mockito that help in robot testing, cucumber for automatic integration.

6- Restful Web Service

This is an underrated yet powerful concept that every Java developer should be aware of. Very few people know about this. Restful web service can be coupled with the spring framework. There are numerous online lessons functional to learn this skill.

7- Android

This is a basic concept that every java developer should learn. The role of mobile applications in Android has increased over time. A java developer should be aware of all the related coding needed to develop a mobile application.

These concepts may seem complex in the first place, but this would be an easy task if you are dedicated to and keen to learn. This set of concepts are must-haves for every java developer.

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