Top Mobile App Development Trends Ruling 2021

Top Mobile app Development

Innovative features are the new market trends, and almost every company wants to create a mobile application that is loved and helpful to every user.

Application development businesses have to teach every trend aspect and create applications that intrigue new users and increase their business productivity.

The developers are always looking for ways of embedding the applications with these trends and creating applications that make the user’s lives productive and straightforward.

But what are these trends that hook users and attract them towards better applications? In 2020, a study showed that 6.95 billion people are using smartphones, and it is expected to increase to 7.1 billion by the end of 2021. Therefore, let us look at all the new trends and technologies attracting new users to smartphones.

8 Mobile App Trends to Look Forward to

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

What started with iOS app development services as an experiment to involve AIs into smartphones for virtual assistance grew exponentially. Chatbots and automation control application bots developed into a class of sophisticated controlling artificial systems that could control the entire operation of smartphones.

As a result, AI-based platforms for smartphones have started to dominate smartphones with integrated features that make life simpler and better.

Internet of Things

The IoTs have started to integrate with every piece of technology in the world. IoTs have made the world more straightforward and convenient. The integration of the Internet of things with different mobile applications has increased the feasibility of these applications.

They have embedded themselves with home security systems, healthcare applications, and other intelligent driving applications.

By the end of 2021, the IoT market is predicted to reach a market value of $1248 Trillion. All these applications require an active internet connection to work with smartphones efficiently. In addition, some IoT embedded applications provide feedback and report of the functionality of a particular system for better monitoring and assessment.

Cross-Platform applications

One of the significant game-changers that has exponentially risen above other trends is cross-platform application development. As a result, many tech giants have implemented hybrid technology to increase their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and faster processing.

In recent years, cross-platform development has become a trend, and many android app development services are moving towards a better and technologically advanced world.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

With the pandemic forcing the world to stay indoors, many smartphone application development companies understood the demand to provide people with the feature of Virtual Reality.

Many live-streaming apps were developed within days by mobile app development companies that allowed people to socialize with each other. They allowed people to create chat rooms and hold social events without going out of their houses. This made the world dependent on these platforms for entertainment and having a better time, even in an ongoing pandemic.

Virtual Reality has shown the world the endless possibilities that an application can provide in terms of entertainment and proved its worth as an application that helped the student community learn better.

Also, the applications based on augmented reality allowed many industries to provide their clients better experience. These industries included educational institutes, marketing agencies, tourism agencies, and healthcare.

Business Applications

Many business applications availed the mobile app development services to enhance the working of different applications that would inherently help increase their business efficiency. These applications help in the digitalization of business and get a better audience.

Digitalization increases the reach of a business platform and enhances the business workflow. Therefore, it helps in increasing efficiency and productivity.

Over recent years, a study showed that 51% of users depend upon mobile applications to find new business administrations.

In addition, many business applications control the digital aspect of the report and data collection for business organizations, which helps them monitor every business process. This, in turn, is very beneficial to find external factors that reduce the business organization’s productivity.

Portable Wearable devices

Many wearable devices have started to come up in recent years that increase the portability of smartphones.

Many android app development services started to develop wearables such as watches and fit bits connected to smartphones, sending and receiving information to the mobile software it is integrated with.

These wearables have become very popular over the years, as it allows people to receive notifications of important schedules, from their smartphones into their watches. They also have other integrated features, such as assessing the health and vitals of a person.

5G Networks

Many iOS app development services understood the need for fast internet connections and started building technologies to provide better internet speed.

One such technology that has become very trendy in recent days is the 5G network. It is the 5th generation of networks for smartphones and other devices that actively use internet connectivity. As a result, it has started to redefine how we can use smartphones.

It is next-generation network connectivity that will inherently provide better speed with reduced latency. And give the user the easy to connect multiple devices to work as a system of networks. The number of users worldwide that have shifted to 5G networks has reached 1.9 billion. It also has better safety features and provides a secure environment.

The Mobile Commerce

Window shopping has become the latest trend. When a pandemic hit the world, many users shifted to e-commerce websites to purchase goods and services. This helped the online market and increased the demand for mobile commerce applications.

Several Mobile app development companies took it as an opportunity and started developing applications that provided users the best online shopping experience. As a result, 18% of the sales worldwide were subjected to online platforms during the pandemic.

And it is predicted that the growing tech-infused world that has started to depend on online markets, even for basic needs, will grow with time.


There are endless technical possibilities that can conquer the ever-developing world, and mobile applications will play their roles in making the lives of a single entity and organizations easier.

The mobile application development world will keep on developing, and so are the trends. But some trends discussed in the above article are here to stay.

With time, they will develop into something bigger and better, but they are the foundation of a technological world evolving every second.