Laravel The Best PHP Framework For 2020

Laravel Framework

While hiring for a web development company, the first question which strikes our mind is whether the selected platform will be suitable for all our business needs or not. These days many merchants want to have the Laravel framework over other PHP frameworks for their businesses. Now you must be thinking why?? Go through this post and see why Laravel PHP Framework is most popular in 2020?

Choosing the right web development framework is not an easy task but based on some factors like development cost, popularity, security, testing, features you can decide which one is the right match for your business. Many developers think that investment in the PHP web development framework can aid in the growth of your business. There are a plethora of PHP frameworks, but still, the Laravel is in demand for website development.

Below are the multiple reasons why Laravel is considered as the best PHP Framework.

1. Strictly Support MCV

Laravel framework strictly adheres to Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern to ensure clarity between logic and presentation. MVC allows better documentation and accelerates the development process.

2. Free, Open-Source

Laravel is an open-source PHP development framework created by Taylor Otwell for developing customized web applications. This framework is available free in the market and equipped with advanced features to ease the complex web application development work. As a result, most of the top web development company prefers to get its IT project development on this platform.

3. Highly-Securable/ Strong-Security

Laravel provides high security compared to other PHP frameworks, as passwords will not be saved as plain text. This framework uses an efficient Bcrypt Hashing algorithm to generate passwords. Whenever a user will log in, a token will be generated that prevents unauthorized access.

4. Artisan

Artisan is an in-built command-line interface name included with Laravel to simplify the process of web development. The functionality and capabilities of Artisan can be extended by implementing new custom commands.

5. Database Migration

It is quite complex to keep database sync between various development machines. As long as you need to keep all of the database work in migrations and seeds, with Laravel one can easily migrate the changes into any other development machine.

6. Cloud Storage

Laravel facilitates cloud storage options. This framework allows the developer to work with cloud storage such as Rackspace or Amazon S3 cloud space.

7. Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel framework comes with many in-built object-oriented libraries which are not available in other PHP frameworks. The authentication library is one of the in-built object-oriented libraries. These in-built libraries allow developers to develop robust and responsive web applications smoothly.

8. Blade Templating Engine

This framework includes an in-built template engine i.e. Blade Template Engine that works incredibly well with HTML and PHP. The benefit of having this template is it allows users to create excellent layouts easily.

9. Pagination

Paginator is an additional feature available in the Laravel framework that paginates all data from databases and offers the best development-friendly environment. Pagination features are also used to build websites and API services.

With all the above characteristics, it is clear to mention that Laravel is the best PHP framework for developing web applications. If you are thinking to choose the leading PHP development company, then you should choose the one that specializes in this framework and Etelligens is one among them.