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Etelligens is a full-service Web Development Company in India. We believe in understanding the client's requirement and providing them the best web development solutions with modern technologies to overcome their challenges affordably and quickly. We have been providing web development solutions to our clients over the past 5 years and boast our extensive experience and rapport in the market. With over 1000 of web designing and web development projects, we executed, live and breathe the web.

Our affordable Web Development Services is carried out by an experienced and dedicated team who spends hours in understanding your industry requirements and target market before starting the designing and web development process. In fact, our dedicated team strives their hard and best to make our client's website effective and user-friendly, so that it can speak directly to your potential customers and generate new leads.

In order to create a complete end to end development, we use Linux, PHP, Apache and MySQL software for the web development. Moreover, our dedicated PHP developers are even more proficient with various frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel, and CakePHP. Apart from web development, we are also providing website maintenance services and revamp your existing websites. So, keep your worries away as to get the best Web Development Services in USA, UK and Canada that helps you to reach your business goals.

Our Web Development Services Include:

• Information Collection

This is the first and foremost step in the web development process, where our developers, will discuss with you in detail as regards your business in order to have a clear understanding as to what services and products you provide, who is your target audience, what goals you want to achieve and by when, etc.

• Planning

Well, after getting your requirements, our dedicated developer's plan strategy, create a WireFrame, as part of web development and share with you. This will also provide you with a clear idea as to what the website will look like once it is completed. In addition, the Sitemap helps in building an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly website.

• Designing

In the designing part, we give you shape to your website in this stage including Photos, Videos, and adding contents. The Layout, that includes colors, images, and logo. In fact, we keep in mind the requirement of our customers and their target audience while working on the design.

90% Complete
Web design 90%
95% Complete (success)
CSS and HTML 95%
80% Complete (info)
Logo Design 80%
70% Complete (warning)
SEO Optimization 70%
70% Complete (danger)
Flash 70%
75% Complete (danger)
Mobile Application 75%
95% Complete (danger)
Web Development 95%

• Content Creation

Content plays a main role in the website. Our dedicated content teams put together the material that has the ability to communicate to the target audience whatever you have in your mind. They write catchy headlines, do text editing, create new text, compile existing text and do so much more to get you the best traffic outcomes.

• Coding

Similarly, in the coding part our developers add all the graphics elements that were designed during the content creation and design stages at the time of developing the website.

• Testing, Evaluation and Launch

Testing is one of the most important actions in the Web Development Agency in India. Our developers test every single link, check the code and run spell check software to ensure quality and that is why we take pride in saying that we are the best website development company.

The characteristics that define us is Creativity, Affordability, Innovation, Quality, and Usability. Be it multinational or private customers, Quality is the main key to our great success. We provide affordable and cost-effective solutions to add and create values for our client's businesses.

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