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QA & testing process is very important and critical phase for any process / Application / Product. It starts from day one of the project starts.

As Expert team of QA professionals who are delivering process / Application / Product improvement in different business domains. Our QA and testing Services help you to analyze the return on investment of your process / application initiative.

We are offering below mention services to our customers.

As a web platform, Magento uses its own model-view-controller (MVC) model. The differences between the traditional model and Magento's model are the following:

QA Testing Services

Mobile App Testing

Our mobile App Testing Services ensure the consistency, performance, usability, functionality and impeccable quality of mobile apps across various platforms and devices.

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Functional Testing

Functional testing is the prime element for ensuring high-quality software and applications.

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Automation Testing

Our Automation testing goal is to identify the threats in the software and applications and measure its potential vulnerabilities.

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Performance Testing

Our performance testing methodology helps design tests considering geographic distribution, business criticality, completion rate, and arrival rate, etc.

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Accessibility Testing

We provide comprehensive accessibility testing services for each phase of the project from the design, requirement, development, maintenance and quality assurance.

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Usability Testing

The main objective of our usability Testing Services is to identify usability errors, collect qualitative feedback, and improve user's satisfaction before launching our client's product.

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Security Testing

We have dedicated and experienced security testing team in both commercial tools and open source that ensure all possible threats and vulnerabilities in their client's applications.

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Cloud Testing

We provide the services of cloud solutions testing, Software cloud Testing to make sure that the delivery of such computing services as analytics, networking, software, databases, storage is possible over the Internet.

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Crowdsourced Testing

We provide Crowdsourced testing services for web, mobile, and cloud-based apps. Mobile App Crowdsourced Testing projects with real users and on real devices, you can vastly improve defect rates and accelerating time-to-market.

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