Business Objective

The platform enables to provide a travelling host agency and travel software company that provides a platform to travellers and vendors with their experience. it helps travellers to make a booking where they want to travel and what they want to experience & expectation. They provide efficient business tools and the infrastructure to vendors, or any individual can join their service online and offline in a single place they also provide eCommerce and marketing solutions for independent travel agents and small to medium size of agencies take care of the clients and their growing business.

Our Approach

Our approach to getting the best out of the client has suggested are the following project are: -

1. Broadcast
2. Booking Engine (IBE)
3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
4. Application Programming Interface (API)
5. Business Management System(BMS)


Consolidate all your digital marketing into a cost-effective platform that allows you to communicate through integrated channels

Booking Engine (IBE)

A booking engine is typically an application or software whose primary function is to collect reservation and payment information from guests and integrate this data with other hotel management software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Our platform is built in a way that enables our Public API to communicate all data points to external services in real-time.

Business Management System(BMS)

It’s a set of policies, practices, procedures, and processes used in developing and deploying strategies, their execution, and all associated management activity and helps businesses address their scaling growth and operations by keeping things simple.

Solution Offered

These are the best solution for the product to be developed: -

Booking Engine System

  • Searching Hotel, Resorts, Flight, Cruise Ship, Event through 3rd party API
  • Best deal in the segment

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Identify and categorise leads
  • Increase referrals from existing customers
  • Offer better customer support
  • Improve products and services

Application Programming Interface (API)

  • - Used for a search query
  • - Used for Analytics
  • - Used for payment
  • - Used for BMS

Business Management System (BMS)


Orders Management

  • Search For Rates, Process, Update, Cancel Client Orders
  • Track Orders Processed on Your Websites
  • Report Orders Made Offline
  • Track The Status of Your Sent Quotes
  • Process, Update, Or Cancel Quotes

Groups Management

  • Automate Your Groups Management
  • Set up your groups and send online booking links to clients
  • Clients can book online via a private link

Quote Processing

  • Send Quotes with One or Multiple Product Types and options for your groups and product listings
  • The system will send auto payment reminders and payment links to clients
  • Track payment activity and client payment

Commission Tracking

  • Track commissions earned from each sale
  • View weekly, monthly, and annual commission reports
  • Track the status of your commission payments

Product Management

  • Feature or remove any of the products we have available for you to sell
  • List and sell your products (Hosted groups, tours, villas, tickets, hotels, cruises)
  • Network sharing allows other agents to view and sell your listed products

Inventory Management

  • Add pricing for your groups or other products to allow online booking
  • Set stock and availability for your product listings

Clients Management

  • The system creates a profile for all clients that book on your website
  • The system will send auto payment reminders and payment links to clients
  • Create and manage blog categories
  • Create and publish text and video blogs

Forms Builder

  • Create custom forms for your websites
  • Customize your form field names

Website Editor

  • Edit website layout and appearance using our website editor
  • Add and customize your website search engine
  • Change theme colour and default font
  • Add SEO features to your site

Live Chat App

  • Add a live chat feature to your site
  • View live visitor website sessions

Leads Management

  • Leads management captures inquiries from your website
  • Leads management also captures the leads we send to you
  • Manually add and manage your leads
  • Generate quotes for Your Leads

Payments Management

  • Setup payment terms and payment schedule
  • Track payment activity and client payment status


  • Add sub-agents to your agency
  • Track sub-agent sales and activity
  • Set custom commissions for your sub-agents

User Management

  • Add multiple account user profiles
  • Create custom user roles
  • Track user activity

Downloadable Reports

  • Download your monthly and annual sales, commissions, and payments report
  • Customize the information you want to show on your report
  • Download rooming list for your groups

Website Content Manager

  • Manage the content on every page of your website
  • Add new pages to your site
  • Add and manage ad banners and sliders on your website
  • Manage your site navigation

Newsletter Mailer

  • Create a custom list for your website subscribers
  • Send mass mail to your email list
  • Create a custom list for your groups
  • Send bulk emails to your groups

Site Blog

  • Add a blog to your website
  • Invite your site visitors to chat with you

Vendor Management

  • Create profiles for your featured vendors
  • Assign vendor profile to your listed products
  • Send auto-notifications to your vendors

Multiple Website Manager

  • Manage multiple online travel stores from a single account
  • Setup your websites on their domain names
  • Customize the branding and featured products of each site
  • Track sales activity for each website

The Challenge

The main problem with a travel host agency is to introduce the problem client will face on the ground like reliable service to the customer and advanced technology in the business, economical booking service, BMS should be easy and super smooth to use and last not the least value-added service like discount etc.

Technology Stack


After deployment of the product,

We will get a new customer with a clear idea about the journey that they are planning to book or events they want to be part of.

The vendor will get the best support out of our BMS with full transparency.

We will accept all types of payment with a fully secure payment gateway (like 3D secure, OTP Etc.)

Best inbuild database management system with Analytics tools for generating the easy and smooth report.