Business Objective

The platform enables to provide a medical alert system that will be reminded to take a pill on time and keep track of Medicines. It offers a fast and easy way for the elderly, people with health issues, and those who live alone, to get help during a medical issue.

Our Approach

Our approach to getting the best out of the client has suggested are the following project are: -

1. Broadcast
2. App Development


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App Development

We will develop an app integrating Alarm, Reminder, Calendar, Time.

Reminder & Alarm

  • For setting up the time for medication
  • To buy or refill the medicine box
  • Managing the doctor appointment


  • Medicine report (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Measure more than 20+ health condition
  • Supplement and vitamins reminder

Solution Offered

1. Reminder & Alarm
2. Analytics

The Challenge

The main problem with this platform is patient medication who forgot to take medicine on time. the main target audience is the age group of 25 and 55+.

Technology Stack

Full Node

After deployment of the product,

We will get a new customer for a medical alert system.

The app will help the doctor to analyse the medicine taking pattern with a detailed report.

Remind for the doctor appointment.