IoT App Development and Implementation

Etelligens is an award winning IoT mobile application development company expanding its portfolio in providing Internet of Things (IoT) application development and IoT solutions. Having massive experience in development of web and mobile apps, is known for one of the leading service providers of Internet of Things (IoT) development in India. our app experts have been working on IoT based applications since 2014 and supporting our Partners/Clients to convert their “devices” to “smart devices”. We have worked on over 10+ IoT projects in past 2 years, enabling apps interaction with hardware such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Near Field Communication (NFC), ZigBee and more.

IoT Application Development Services

Handy Home

Handy home is an application having gamut of connected IOT enabled smart devices, including lights, windows, switches, Door control, sockets, dimmers and more.

Home Automation

It Allows to control hot water & heating from smart thermostat solution through IOT products, it helps in controlling energy consumption , which can lower bills.

Health & Fitness

It will track your body movements and fitness activities through IOT enabled devices and display health scores, send alerts and thus managing your lifestyles in a way.

  • IOT revolutionized the internet, where data is created by physical things.
  • Home Automation, smart devices, Smart Transportations, IOT in medicines and more is now reality with IOT technology.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of things is a concept where everyday devices and objects are connected using the Internet. However, these devices and objects can be anything such as vehicles, smartphones, home appliances, wearable devices, and many others human as well as physical devices. IOT works as a bridge that enables physical devices to communicate with each other using Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, iBeacon, Zigbee Wireless, etc.

Etelligens has a prominent name in providing IoT development solution services. Our main aim is to build and develop IoT apps that create opportunities for more direct integrations between the computer-based system and the physical world, which results in efficiency, accuracy and economic benefits.

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