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BPM Consulting

Business process management is an important element of smarter process and is key to transforming organizations into a globally integrated enterprise. Our approach to business process management is about driving value from process optimization using technology as an enabler and to maintain a continuous improvement capability that is organic to the client

These days, setting the right business processes is a key to success for any organization. However, businesses need to undertake various automation to improve processes. You need robust software to manage all the processes. In such situations, Etelligens provides a real-time BPM Consulting Services, real-time insights, so as to provide process performances that help organizations to sustain growth and relevance.

Here, with our BPM Consulting Services, we provide a business-oriented architecture that allows process owners to plan actions and set improvement goals across the company to achieve those goals. In fact, we have the team of BPM experts that have the ability to analyze, develop, design and align business process in a manner that matches your company's business needs and goals easily.

Our BPM Services Include

• End-to-End BPM services

• BPM Consulting and Advisory

• Implementation and Business Process Design

• Functional, Automated BPM Testing and Performance

• Enterprise Process Architecture

• Process Design, Prototyping, and Modeling

• BPM Governance and Needs Assessment

Our BPM Consulting Services Helps Your Business

• Improve Process LifeCycle

• Takes Care of Technology and Business

• Continuous Process Improvement Leveraging Technology and IT

• Provide Both Mobile and Digital Platforms for Business Growth

• Map Your Business Processes Effectively

Why Partner with Etelligens

• Being a reputed and well-known BPM Consulting Company in India, we provide you best and cost-effective solutions.

• We implement policy-based processes and controls so as to reduce risks and meet business goals and demands.

• We help you to gain maximum profit from your BPM platform.

• We accelerate your Business process Management journey with our great and innovative efforts.

• Etelligens helps you to get the solution delivered by a highly talented and experienced team of BPM consultants.

• We with our vast experience and Business Process Management methodology, we benefit your business to the long term.

• We enable the organization to bring into line its business processes to its business strategy, leading to effective overall company performance through improvements of specific work activities either within a specific department, between organizations or across the enterprise.

• We have a collaborative, transparent and communicative approach with our clients.

BPM products execute the configured definition of each process and drive transactions from end to end. They use the process definitions and business rules to route transactions, transform data, feed sub-processes, controls, get approvals, integrate with other applications, set of bells and whistles as required. As these transactions wind their way through various processes they pick up data and meta-data, performance metrics - such as how long did each task take, how often was a particular decision taken, what transactions were initiated during each process, who did what and which transactions are in what state of completion at any given time.
The process modeling and configuration component allows users to model and configure processes; specify process and process performance attributes; place processes and tasks in the context of the enterprise deployment platform. Each activity, interface – human or system, notification, control and decision point can be configured using this component.
The process simulation and improvement component leverages the process definitions and attributes and facilitates simulation of processes under varying transaction load scenarios. This helps proactive identification of potential hotspots, make adjustments and streamline processes
The interface component helps in the configuration inbound and outbound human and system interfaces for capturing and disseminating data.
The policy and rules processing framework uses the process definitions configured to orchestrate the process from end to end. This framework consists of the process execution engine; rules interpretation; interfacing middleware and other capabilities required for process orchestration.
This allows observing every transaction in a process as it passes through various stages of completion. This could be pulling out specific tabular or graphical reports, executing specific searches and queries and also report on efficiencies at various levels
Process related content can be leveraged using content management and integration components of BPM products. This content can also be made available to the extended organization using these components.
BPM products also support extended process lifecycle support by providing the capability to make modifications to process definitions, rules, interfaces and other aspects of the process in question.

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